Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laura's Dining Set

At long last, I have finished the dining set for my friend, Laura. I originally got this set on craigslist (one table with leaves and 5 chairs) for $50. Score! The first task was the table. I was thinking it would be nice to keep the table top in a wood finish, but it was too beat up with scratches and white, heat stains. I did test taking those stains out by covering them with a towel and using a steam iron on top. It kind of works! Then I filled the holes with wood putty, let it dry and sanded.
Laura and I picked the colors for the table together, inspired by the posters she has hanging in the dining room already. The table top is painted in paris grey (chalk paint) and the legs and skirt are old white and a turquoise color that I mixed myself. Then Laura ordered this area rug to go under the table. It compliments the colors in the table nicely!
Next came the chairs. Laura helped me pull off the old cushions and we cleaned and prepared them for painting. The chairs got two coats of old white and clear wax to seal them. We found the fabric for the cushions at Discount Fabrics. Laura splurged on the nicer foam for the cushions, which was a good choice, because they are super comfy to sit on.
I'm very happy with the overall look. I think the classic lines of the table suits the architecture of her beautiful, old, SF home. And the light paint colors keep her dining room feeling light and airy.
P.S. I've found two antique chairs that I am going to re-do in the same style so that she can have 6 chairs for larger dinner parties.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Blah to Bam! Dresser Makeover

While on a run, I passed this sad dresser just a block from my house. I was very tempted to stop, but stayed disciplined, continuing my workout. On my return, however, I made sure to pass the street with the dresser. To my delight, it was still there! But how to get it home? Luckily, my knight in shining armor returned from work and I implored him to help me carry it back to the apartment. Behind the sad paint job, I could tell this was once an adorable piece.
I started with sanding the top of the dresser, and loved the exposed wood, so I decided to sand the drawer fronts as well. Already, it was looking so much better.
I decided to stain the wood in a dark walnut finish, and then paint the rest of the dresser, as well as the knobs, in a pure white. I love the contrast of the dark and white. The wood and the paint compliment each other in a way that combines old and new. I'm so glad I went on a run that day!