About Me

Hi there! My name is Alden Fletcher and this blog is about my adventures in design. I grew up in San Francisco with my twin brother and older sister, building blanket forts in our shared room(and creating stylishly accessorized outfits like the one pictured here). I still remember singing happily by myself in my favorite white fort creation, only to see the blanket torn from above, and my sister looming over, exclaiming, "That's my blanket!" Needless to say, I always enjoyed creating beautiful, comfortable spaces.
I believe that a home should be fun. I love pieces that tell a story, like my living room coffee table that I sat at to eat meals throughout childhood. I love pieces that make me smile, like the Christmas bunting I keep hanging all year round, because why not? And I love pieces that are comfortable, like the turquoise cotton blanket my mother-in-law bought me in Sonoma. Most of all, I love finding something forgotten, and making it beautiful again.
On the weekdays I teach Elementary art. But on the weekends, you can find me painting furniture in the backyard, playing Ultimate frisbee and drinking tea with hubby. I hope you enjoy this window into my work!
(That's me on the left, my above-mentioned sister on the right, and my wonderful friend, Laura in the center. She advise's me in all things media, as I am not the most tech savvy blogger, but there's hope...)

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