Here you can browse items that I currently have for sale, as well as sold items. If there is something here that you like, but it is not available, let me know and I can find something similar to renovate for you. Just email me your questions or purchasing query's at

For Sale, Funky Vintage Chair, $75

For Sale, Renovated Antique Dresser, $200

For Sale, Pink and Gold Vintage Typewriter Table, $150

For Sale, Mid Century Side Table, $100

For Sale, Antique Steamer Trunk, $150

SOLD, Side Table/Nightstand

SOLD, Decorative Wall Ladder

SOLD, Blue and Gold Dresser

SOLD, Rustic Wood Crates

SOLD, Painted Wood Dresser/Changing Table

SOLD, Painted Mirror

SOLD, Customized Side Table/Media Table

SOLD, Custom Stained Dresser

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