Monday, August 5, 2013

Blah to Bam! Dresser Makeover

While on a run, I passed this sad dresser just a block from my house. I was very tempted to stop, but stayed disciplined, continuing my workout. On my return, however, I made sure to pass the street with the dresser. To my delight, it was still there! But how to get it home? Luckily, my knight in shining armor returned from work and I implored him to help me carry it back to the apartment. Behind the sad paint job, I could tell this was once an adorable piece.
I started with sanding the top of the dresser, and loved the exposed wood, so I decided to sand the drawer fronts as well. Already, it was looking so much better.
I decided to stain the wood in a dark walnut finish, and then paint the rest of the dresser, as well as the knobs, in a pure white. I love the contrast of the dark and white. The wood and the paint compliment each other in a way that combines old and new. I'm so glad I went on a run that day!

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