Friday, September 6, 2013

Teacher's Desk

My fifi(yes, that is my fiancé!) was looking for a new desk for his classroom and I jumped on the opportunity to spruce up his work environment. After cruising craigslist, I found this desk for free and drove out to Pacifica to pick it up. It has cool bones, but the laminate did not look so great.
After getting it home, we realized it was about an inch too wide to fit through our small apartment door. Oops! Always measure those essential areas when getting a new piece of furniture. Luckily, my parents offered to let me utilize their garage and I could work on it there.
Fifi is drawn to this dark grey color, so I used that as the dominant color in the piece. Then, I added accents of this deep red to the drawers and legs. I thought the red was fitting for the school. It reminds me of a red apple (why is that the gift kids are supposed to give teachers?). I decided to paint the pull-out writing surface with chalkboard paint. This way, he can draw or write notes on it, and just close it up to keep it hidden and secret. He's mostly using the pull-out for his afternoon tea.
Now his classroom looks much more snazzy. His old desk fell apart as we moved it. This desk will last a lifetime. And the gnomes you see in the background are actually gifts from his students. Love them!

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