Friday, April 4, 2014

Peek-a-room: Making the Most of a Tiny Space

I have been MIA the last 3 months. I am in the midst of planning my wedding; turns out weddings are a lot of work, especially if you're choosing to do most of the work yourself, as is my tendency. Also, we are doing a Double Wedding! That's right, ever heard of it? Perhaps you have if you've read such wonderful Austen novels as Pride and Prejudice, where extremely close sisters get married to their significant others on the same day. So, my sister and I are following this beloved storyline. You would think we had planned it this way since childhood(if you know the Fletcher sisters, you know that we do practically everything together- and not in a creepy The Shining way, but in a lovable White Christmas sort of way). Here we are as toddlers. I'm driving, of course, while Claire lounges in the passenger seat. Some things never change.
But actually, we just happened to be engaged at the same time, and my fiancé and I latched onto the already chosen date/venue/caterer for my sister's wedding. And there you have it. I will posting soon about some DIY wedding crafts we have been working on... So enough about my sister(as great as she is). I want to introduce you to my hip and hilarious twin brother, Max. Here we are with our mom. As you can see, I always loved to accessorize.
He's lived in this tiny San Francisco bedroom for the past 3 and a half years. Living in a 9'x11' room with 10' ceilings is no easy feat for a man of Max's stature.
But this 6'3" guy is no stranger to making small spaces work. When we were growing up(rather than share a room with his not-so-neat sisters), he moved his bed into the closet and quickly transformed the space into a neatly organized nook of a room. When he was a teenager, he moved into the small office space, which was a move up from the closet, but it was still a small space, at about 10'x5'. I wanted to share his room with you because it is filled with fun and creative solutions for living in tight quarters.
You enter the room from either the bathroom or the kitchen. Max got a bunk bed and lofted it even higher to create this nice sitting space under the bed. He found this vintage love seat in olive green, which is the perfect petite size and super comfy. The wood chest, used as a coffee table, came from my parents house and stores extra sweatshirts.
The artwork above the couch is done by my sister from The Red Balloon movie stills. It was one of Max's favorite movies growing up.
Along the wall next to the couch are makeshift shelves from wood boxes and crates. This is perfect for storing his little knick knacks, books, art supplies and DVDs. The desk sits under a window, which is actually a door to the outside.
Max added a shelf along the wall by the bed to create a bedside table. The little black journal is a daily diary from the 1920's. Max is reading the entry for the correlating day each morning when he gets up.
A dresser fits in the space between the bathroom door and the closet door. Max found an old mirror to sit above the dresser. He also hung a closet door hanger vertically off the back of the door for hats.
The curtains were sewn by Max and match the color from the couch.
I hope you've enjoyed this peek into a lovely old room and perhaps gained some inspiring ideas for your space. Thanks Max!