Friday, January 30, 2015

Color Meet-Cute: Orange and Green

If I learned anything from watching the movie, The Holiday, it's that those British kids are the best part, and that a "meet-cute" is the part of a movie when the romantic leads meet in an adorable or funny way. It's like when Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton meet in Something's Gotta Give. She finds him in his underwear, digging in her fridge. Thinking he's an intruder she prepares to call 911, until he tells her, "I'm dating your daughter." If you haven't seen it, cuddle up with some cookie dough and watch it!
Why am I talking about movies, you ask? First, they are my favorite. Second, this post is all about meeting color. When you're walking down the street, do you ever notice a color combination that seems to wave you over, saying, "Well, hello stranger. Let's get to know each other." Maybe you don't, but I do. So I'm starting these posts about my meet-cutes in the world of color.
Every Sunday, James and I do our weekly grocery shopping at TJ's and the farmer's market. I love seeing the changes of the seasons through the produce at the market. This past weekend, I was pulled in by all the variations of orange: tangerines, oranges, and carrots, against backgrounds of green leaves.

Now I don't have a lot of orange happening in my apartment. So I went on a hunt for inspiration, finding ways in which to incorporate the "carrot" color scheme in a home. Orange is a bold color, which can feel a bit domineering if used in excess. I suggest using a pop of orange to bring a hint of pizazz, and then counter-balance it with a soothing green. It all depends on the tones you go for, but I gravitate to subdued, mint green, paired with a bit of rich tangerine.

1. The Socialite Family /2. Apartment Therapy /3. Domino /4. Magical Thinking Kaleidoscope Sham by Urban Outfitters /5. Nesting Bowls by KarinLorenc

How would you incorporate these colors in your home?
And I invite you to share your favorite movie "meet-cute"?


  1. There are so many good ones, it is hard to pick a favorite movie meet-cute. Here are some ones Iike: moonstruck, french kiss, when harry met sally

  2. I like the meet-cutes in holiday affair and shop around the corner. I like the color orange.