Friday, March 6, 2015

Coffee Table Re-vamp

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is my simple, wood coffee table. It's not too tall, not too short, not too big, not too small. Like hard-to-please Goldilocks, I find it "just right." Sidenote: What's the message behind Goldilocks and the Three Bears anyway? A girl breaks into the friendly bears' house and goes through all their stuff... Actually I wish I could just go inside people's houses to get a look at everything.
Throughout my childhood, my siblings and I would eat at this table, watching TV. Yes, we were the kind of family that sat around the glow of the TV, bonding over our love of The Simpsons and The X-Files. Did you hear that The X-Files is coming back?! As long as Fox is back from his alien abduction, I'm in.
My mom said the table was made from an old door, so the wood is thick and sturdy. But after 20+ years of loving wear and tear, the table was showing it.
James kept asking, can we re-stain the coffee table? Paint it? Something? After resisting (as I do with change), I finally gave in, knowing he was right. The table needed a facelift. Little did I know that the facelift would be so simple.
James was so excited about working on the table that he quickly took it outside to sand. As I watched him sanding away from the window, biting my nails, I started to like it much more than before. The unfinished wood still looked aged, like it had a story, but not an ugly one. Also, the lighter wood peeking through lightens up the small living room. Perhaps we could sand it again, and make the color of the wood more uniform, but I'm digging the variation. We both agreed that for now anyway, we will keep the table like this. Easiest makeover ever(and James did all the work, muahaha)!
So what do you think? Should we re-stain it? Leave it unfinished? Or do something completely different?


  1. I like it as is! Did you wax it? Maybe a coat of wax would give it a nice sheen and make "the look" more intentional? You're the expert :-)

    1. Thanks! I was considering putting on a protective coat, especially to avoid water damage... But since I was unsure if I'm going to do more to it, I've left it raw (or maybe I'm being lazy).

  2. The table was made by our neighbor in Silverlake. I bought it at his yard sale. I like it because u can stand or sit on it. Not many tables are that sturdy! I like the new look but agree about the wax or something to avoid rings and such.